Cambo Wide RS Cameras listed in The Best 50 Photography Products of 2012

Resident British Journal of Photography experts, David and Richard Kilpatrick, alongside Kevin Carter, named the cameras, lenses and accessories that have inspired them this year.

The flat-field camera is enjoying some resurgence in popularity as high-quality digital backs from Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad present real advantages over 35mm SLR-derived systems.

Cambo’s Wide RS sells as much on performance as it does on appearance. With an engineering rather than heritage-led brand, the bodies are under constant development and offer improved flexibility on a faster product cycle. Three new models launched at Photokina enhance work with digital backs by compensating for the weight in vertical shifts and increasing lateral shift by 5mm on the WRS-5000, offering a sliding back with locking positions for stitched images alongside a traditional focusing screen on the WRS-6000, and the low-cost WRS-1200 and 400 compact models. Even the iPhone is integrated into the system, with a compact lens, holder and app to allow the use of the handset as a viewfinder.


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