What are they saying about Cambo?

‘It’s the most exciting DSLR rig we’ve seen in a while’

Here is an overview by James Stoneley of Converge Events UK:

Whilst at Photokina 2010 we found some very interesting products from Cambo. They were displaying their new HDSLR CS (Camera Support) Rig, and we loved it.

The CS rig is a modular system designed with ergonomics and quality very much in mind.  It is highly customisable, constructed from quality materials and has some great features.

I tried out a shoulder mounted configuration and was very impressed with it.  It feels very lightweight compared with a lot of the other systems I’ve used.

As with all pro kit it’s the little things that matter and you can feel the quality of the Cambo products.  For example, when you tighten a locking nut on the Cambo gear it locks rock solid with a simple twist.  This is so important when mounting expensive accessories on your rig.  The follow focus seems very well made, with no discernible play at all, which means super smooth focus pulls.  The loupe uses Schneider optics and it’s the only loupe I’ve used which I would say is a real contender for the Z finder.

Cambo have priced their kit to be roughly on par with Redrock Micro and I think this is a sensible place for them to be in the market.  They already have a very good track record of making high quality professional equipment for the photographic industry and from my first view of their HDSLR kit it seems to be pretty good value for money.

We didn’t have long to spend on their stand but it was the most exciting DSLR rig we’ve seen in a while, so hopefully we will be getting our hands on one soon so that we can test them in the field and give you a more comprehensive review.

Here’s the link…http://convergeevents.co.uk/2010/10/converge-events-photokina-cambo-hdslr-rig-review/

Shot and produced by onedeadpixel.com and jamesstoneley.com

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