Capturing ‘Duality’ with the Cambo Actus

Capturing ‘Duality’ with the Cambo Actus

Based in Manchester, Tristan Poyser has worked as a photographer for 15 years. His practice is divided between commercial commissions and contemporary projects 

His projects include ‘Recording the Landscape’ in which he uses council planning applications for ‘Fracking’, as loci to photograph, record video and audio of the British landscape. The project ‘Automation’ explores the conflict between the ‘need for nature theory’ and mass tourism in a Chinese UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tristan’s work has been exhibited at photography festivals including, Format International Photography Festival, Brighton Photo fringe, Hull International Photography Gallery (HIP) & Look Liverpool. He guest lectures at several Universities on professional practice and facilitates photography and participatory workshops.

“I shoot with the Cambo Actus as it allows flexibility through the movements, It also allows me to choose different lens’ to shoot with. With the Duality Project it was as simple as allowing me to adjust the vertical moment in relation to the subjects height without having to adjust the camera or tripod, it was essential for the typology element to keep as everything as constant as possible. I also use the Actus on projects  to create large format digital files through stitching anything from 3 to 9 images together, especially with Architectural work and landscapes projects.”


The equipment we used to capture the project was the Cambo Actus Mini view camera, Sony A7 and Schneider 72XL lens. The Actus is particularly useful as there is a horizontal to vertical flip on the rear standard making image alignment much easier than using a ball or 3-way tripod head.

Photography Exhibition – ‘Duality’

The Sharp Project will be hosting the Manchester launch of ‘Duality’, a documentary photography exhibition by Tristan Poyser and colleague Simon Bray. Previously exhibited as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial and shared with an international audience on BBC In Pictures.



‘Duality’ explores the way in which our uniform, workwear and casual clothes influence the perception of the individual. To find out more, please click here.

The exhibition takes place 31st May in the Campus, The Sharp Project, Manchester M40 5BJ click here for further information.

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Cambo Mono2 Studio Stand – The Studio Companion

Cambo Mono2 Studio Stand – The Studio Companion

Noel Read is a Commercial, Industrial and Advertising Photography, based in Milton Keynes.

Noel Read Photography

Noel Read Photography

With 20 years experience in high end digital photography in the studio and on location and an in-depth knowledge of image manipulation, post production and colour management.

When working in a studio environment it is crucial to have stable supports and stands for your equipment, whether your digital cameras and lenses cost £2,000 or £50,000

As you can see Noel works extensively with the Cambo Mono2 Studio stand. When we asked him what he thought about the studio stand he said “Great!” and I suppose it’s the best word. As it’s great quality, great price (meaning low!) and of course great quality and stable shots every time!

You can see more of Noel’s work here

Customisation: If you require a Studio stand cutting to size so you can utilise the height in your studio, contact the Cambo sales team as we have options available.

You can order your Cambo Studio stands from your local Cambo dealer. More information can be found here and the brochures can be downloaded here.

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Cambo WRS-72|50 Anniversary Kit 2018

Cambo is celebrating 50 years of the Cambo Wide camera system by offering a new Anniversary Kit WRS-72|50.

It was 1946 when Mr. Roelof Bok founded CAMBO in the Netherlands. After initially designing and manufacturing view cameras and studio stands, in the late 60’s his company developed the first pancake tech cam with interchangeable lens panels. Over the years this evolved into various models with increasing flexibility, designed and built with maximum precision.

Cambo WRS-72|50 Anniversary

Cambo WRS-72|50 Anniversary

Today in 2018, Cambo celebrate not only 72 years of accumulated expertise and dedicated craftsmanship of in-house design and manufacturing, but also 50 years of CAMBO Wide series of technical cameras.

The WRS-72|50 kit is built around an ergonomically optimised camera body. Based on the WRS-1600 introduced in 2016, the WRS-72|50 adds many exclusive design changes, including rounded corners, protected spirit levels, angled placement of a hand belt support and more. The special shaped handgrip is made of fine Rosewood. While keeping the unique body rotation between landscape and portrait position without removing digital back or lens, this will help protect your equipment against dust and damage.

The optics supplied in this kit are Rodenstock’s finest 32HR-W and 90HR-SW, both in a tilt/swing lens panel for the best image quality and control. Additionally, Cambo has designed a new precision tilting function to the 90HR’s rear spacer, which adds an additional six degrees of tilt -or swing- on top of its lens panel movements. This offers you even more flexibility and image optimisation.

This exquisite kit is delivered in a luxury Rimowa case with dedicated cavities for your equipment, including space for a digital back and extra lens or accessories. The kit is completed with Cambo’s PCH precision controlled ball and geared head, with exclusive anniversary trim.

This is a limited series of only 50 numbered units. Each kit includes a Certificate of Authenticity with matching serial numbers.

You can order your kit from your local Cambo dealer. More information can be found here and the brochures can be downloaded here.

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Cambo Studio Equipment at The Photography Show

Cambo Studio Equipment at The Photography Show

Check out more Cambo products being shown on the AJ’s stand F121.

AJ’s established in 1984 is a leading independent photographic specialist based in the South West. They are showing the Cambo MBX studio stand and the new Cambo PCH tripod head.

Come and meet the AJ’s team they will be happy to discuss the various studio stands options and accessories available. You can find more information about AJ’s here and Cambo products here.

Cambo Studio Stands

The Photography Show 17th-20th March, is the largest UK show that encompasses both professional and enthusiast photographers. Check out the website to book your tickets here.

the photography show

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Cambo at The Photography Show 2018

Cambo will be at The Photography Show 2018 on the Teamwork stand A117.

the photography show

To discuss products and lens selections Richard Lotte from Cambo Fotografische will be on hand from Sunday 18th to Monday 19th March. He is a photographer and has built a wealth of knowledge during his career so is the ideal person to sit and discuss your next technical camera system.


You can find more information about Cambo products here. For information about booking a slot with Richard please contact Teamwork direct here.

The Photography Show 17th-20th March, is the largest UK show that encompasses both professional and enthusiast photographers. Check out the website to book your tickets here.

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Cambo Shooting Tables

Cambo Shooting Tables are very popular in commercial studios. Many copies appear on the market that are inferior in build quality and the some of the perspex screens used will not hold the weight of some products.

Cambo Shooting Table

I caught up with Manchester based Neilson Reeves Photography owner Colin Boulter. A popular, well established and self confessed “Photographer-holic.”

“We select the best equipment for the job, and being early converters to digital photography we have a wealth of experience when producing high quality print ready images.”

“Our corporate clients demand high turnaround images, style changes, background changes and we can achieve most of this by using a good quality shooting table.”

“The Cambo Shooting Table enables you to capture ready for cut-out or shadowless images where require. We can then drop in any background, make easier positional changes and all of this helps us turn around the images quickly for our clients” says Colin.

Neilson Reeves Photography is a photographic and digital imaging company specialising in Commercial and Media Photography.

•Advertising photography for print and online media

•Product Photography and Pack Shots for Internet Retail and Catalogues

•Corporate Headshots , business and executive portraits and people at work image

•Actors Headshots both commercial and theatrical

•Conference and Corporate Event Photography, Launch events and Awards Ceremonies

•Public Relations and Editorial Photography

You can find the Cambo Shooting Tables here.

For further information and pricing contact your local Cambo dealer, or email  Cambo with your enquiry.

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Cambo ACTUS-G camera system

Cambo ACTUS-G system

After the introduction of the ACTUS-GFX, we have now upgraded the ACTUS series with the new Cambo ACTUS-G camera system.

Cambo AC-78E

Cambo AC-78E Quick change camera mount

When exchanging camera mounts on the ACTUS-Mini there are 4 screws to remove and it takes more time if you are using different cameras in a busy studio or University.

The ACTUS-G is supplied with an interchangeable bayonet holder enabling you to change over the camera system by flipping a lever.

By using the AC-78E it opens up the platform, existing camera baronets can be used for DSLR and mirrorless camera bodies.

Cambo are already famous for manufacturing modular camera systems and the ACTUS-G fits perfectly within this product roadmap.


Cambo cameras can be adapted to many different DSLR and mirror systems, as a modular system there are also various upgrades available. Let’s take a look at what is available for the ACTUS-G.

The AC-792 mount is available for use with the Fuji GFX50s making the ACTUS-GFX system. By adding the AC-793 for the Hasselblad X1D, the Cambo is converted to the ACTUS-XCD system.

Both ACTUS-GFX and ACTUS-XCD are available for purchase as a complete package.

For medium format digital back users; the ACDB-989 adapter can be used and attaches directly to the ACTUS-G. This adapter frame accepts the SLW range of camera adapters to support digital backs from Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Hasselblad and Sinar.

When adapting different camera mounts, a dedicated bellows will also need to be changed. As our bellows are magnetic this is very quick and easy to do.

All lenspanels and bellows are compatible with the ACTUS range of camera systems.


Existing ACTUS-Mini owners can upgrade to the ACTUS-G with the ACB-979 This conversion comes complete with the rear standard with lever and height adjuster for the front standard.

You can then select which adapter you want to use; AC78E, AC-792, AC-793 or ACDB-989.

ACB-980 conversion kit to create a version for use with Fuji GFX50s.

ACB-981 conversion kit to create a version for use with Hasselblad X1D.

Cambo AC-792 Fuji Adapter

Cambo AC-792 Fuji Adapter

The full range of ACTUS cameras include the ACTUS-Mini, ACTUS-G, ACTUS-DB and ACTUS-XL

More information can be found here and

For further information and pricing contact your local Cambo dealer, or email  Cambo with your enquiry.

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