Cambo Actus Focus Rail Extension

Cambo Actus Focus Rail Extension

We have yet another mistake made by our Youtube friends or should I say reviewers. Unfortunately they don’t use technical cameras or have little experience using different lenses and camera combinations.

It’s important to point out these mistakes so that they don’t mis-guide you and influence your next camera purchase.

One reviewer asked “Why does the front standard rotate 360 degrees? Is it for 360 degree photography?” Quite simply the answer is “No, it’s not!” 

So the question is, why does it rotate?

It’s quite simple really and relates to the digital camera and lenses you wish to use.

Some longer lenses may not focus and the lens may have to be further away from the sensor.

So Cambo very cleverly designed a way to extend the front of the focus rail by 45mm without adding extra length to the Actus camera.

This is done by simply rotating the front standard 180 degrees, by doing this the lens panel is moved to the front and this is where you gain the extra 45mm.

Once the front is completely round, making sure you zero the movements, take the lens out and reverse it. Now you can see the lens panel has moved forward by 45mm. 

Another very useful function, now that the lens protrudes further forward, is that you can add a filter system with a holder, as it is positioned away from the front standard enabling you to add  more tilt.

The lens in the video measures 22mm depth, a filter holder is 15mm, this extra 37mm gives you more tilt to play with without the filter touching the front standard of the Actus. This is especially useful if you are using a graduated filter longer than 100mm.

More information about the Cambo Actus system and accessories contact your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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Cambo Actus Focus Stop

Cambo Actus Focus Stop

We see many Youtube type reviews, some good and some not as well informed about the features the Actus system provides.

One blog that I recently viewed suggested the lens would hit the sensor should you be using a Digital Back. It’s wrong and let me tell you why.

The Actus system is modular and can be used with several digital systems. The Actus Mini designed for DSLR and mirrorless, Actus GFX and XCD for Fuji and Hasselblad.

When is comes to using a Digital Back from Phase One, Mamiya Leaf and Hasselblad the Actus DB2 is designed slightly different as there are a multitude of lenses that photographers already own and want to adapt them to their camera system.

To prevent the rear element of the lens from hitting the digital back Cambo include a Lens Stop or Focus Stop which is marked with the most popular Schneider and Rodenstock lenses. Simply slide the Stop to the lens being used and lock into place. That’s it!

Here is a video showing the Actus-GFX and an image showing where the Stop would be when using an Actus DB2.

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Cambo UST Studio Stand

Cambo’s UST camera stand is popular worldwide and used by many high quality companies that require stability time after time. Whether you have a large, medium or small sized studio, Cambo have a studio stand solution available.

Here’s the team from Miggo, as with many professional studio they use a Cambo studio stand and produce high quality photographs for their marketing materials. You can see their products here.

Cambo UST

Cambo UST Studio Stand

Do you own a Cambo Studio Stand? If so would you like a mention on the blog?

 Complete your details above and we’ll add any interesting projects that you have been assigned to photograph.

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Cambo X1D Lens Adaptor

Cambo X1D Lens Adaptor

Regular readers of the Cambo blog already know how inventive the company is when they created the ACTUS camera system. It provided options to add the latest digital camera bodies such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Hasselblad, Fuji and a wide range of lens options.

Now there are options to add manual legacy lenses directly to the Hasselblad X1D and Fuji GFX50s.

The new HV-XCD is a manual lens adaptor to add the Hasselblad-C lenses to the X1D camera body using the electronic shutter function.

Cambo HVXCD Cambo HVXCD_2

When using this lens adapter and lens combination its important that you disable the X1D lens shutter and select the electronic shutter function. This is available when using the latest firmware update v1.17.2 and you can read how to change this on page 92 of the Hasselblad X1D instruction manual.

More information about Hasselblad X1D camera accessories can be obtained from your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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New Cambo PCH Tripod Head

New Cambo PCH Tripod Head

Cambo is pleased to announce the new PCH (Precision Controlled Head) tripod head to complement the Actus range of technical cameras and DSLR systems.

Cambo PCH Tripod Head

Cambo PCH Tripod Head

The PCH features tilt, swing and rotation just the same as a ball head however with the addition of precision gears for fine tuned tilt and swing. The precision geared movements are self locking and available in any position of the head.

As with other Cambo heads the top plate rotates 360 degrees, however the new PCH has a full 360 degree rotation at the base enabling precise nodal capture.

The PCH features a quick release top and includes a 1/4” plate. This is the same QR plate that is supplied with the CBH-6, which has a safety lock preventing your camera loosening in the mount. 

When the 1/4” QR mount is removed you can attach the Cambo ACTUS camera and Wide RS camera system. This is an ARCA style mount, and is useful for quickly attaching your camera system, balancing the ACTUS on the head and how close/away you need to position the camera when shooting in the studio or setting up copy stand and macro shots.

PCH Adjustment

An additional function that will benefit most photographers is the ability to adjust the controls to your own preferences. You can adjust the manual and geared movements to the way you want them to be.

  • 360º manual panning at the top and bottom plate
  • Position click indication every 90º at the top and bottom plate
  • 140º X-axis tilt (30º backwards 110º forward)
  • Separate manual (fast) or geared (fine) movement around the X-axis
  • 140º Y-axis pivot (30º backwards 110º forward)
  • Separate manual (fast) or geared (fine) movement around the Y-axis
  • X-, Y- and Z-axis rotate over the same point
  • When X-, Y- and Z-axis locking knobs are open the PCH can move freely
    like a normal spherical head.
  • Adjustable geared friction
  • Adjustable manual friction
  • Arca compatible clamp
  • 4 large spirit levels
  • Durable stainless steel 3/8’’ and 1/4’’ tripod mounting options. 

Size and Weight

  • height: 130 mm (incl. plate)
  • width:  110 mm
  • depth:  102 mm
  • weight: 1200 gram

Availability and Price

The PCH is available now at €984.00 ex.TAX/VAT and shipment. Cambo are taking orders now please contact your local dealer for further information.

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Cambo exhibiting at PHOTOPLUS 2017 NYC

Cambo exhibiting at PHOTOPLUS 2017 NYC

Cambo is exhibiting at the PhotoPlus Exhibition, New York City 26-28th October 2017.

Our reputation is built on quality and showing photographers high quality camera combinations, of technical camera platforms utilising the latest in digital capture technology.

“Come and visit us at our Booth nr.152 to see our latest products; Wide RS1600, ACTUS for Fuji GFX50s and Hasselblad X1D. Try out these cameras with a range of Canon lens adaptors such as the CA-GFX and CA-XCD”

PDN PhotoPlus International Conference +Expo was founded in 1983, and is the largest photography and imaging event in North America. Expo Hours;

  • Thursday, Oct 26th 10am-5pm
  • Friday, Oct 27th 10am-5pm
  • Saturday, Oct 28th 10am-4pm

Future Cambo Events; Sign up to this blog receive the latest news, events and product launches. More news – is good news!


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Cambo Contax Lens

Cambo Contax lens for the Actus

Cambo have introduced a new lens option; Carl Zeiss Contax Distagon-35mm, for the Actus camera platform.

The lens is fitted into the Actus plate, the helical focussing mount is removed and a manual 15 blade aperture fitted for full control of the lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But wait, it’s not finished there… the lens is perfect for both mirrorless medium format cameras and DSLR’s. It’s especially suitable for Nikon bodies as this has the longest ff-distance due to the new barrel without the helical focus.

The test shot below was captured using the Actus GFX and Fuji GFX50s, with 5mm fall adjustment and horizontal shift enabling a final stitched image.

Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie

More information about the Contax lens option and Actus camera system can be obtained from your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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