Cambo introduce the WRC400 at Photokina 2012

The WRC400 is a new Compact camera with rear movement, offering a full 40mm horizontal or vertical shift for perspective control or stitching large panoramas.

Weighing in a 400grams the WRC400 is an extremely light camera ideal for architectural and landscape photographers who are continually travelling. Keeping in tradition of Cambo’s classic design the WRC400 accepts lenses from the DS and RS range, SLW digital camera back adapter plates for Mamiya Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad and the RB roll film holder adapter.

On each side of the camera you can attach the recently introduced accessories such as the hotshoe adapter and iPhone holder. There is a new compact grip with cable release, you could use two grips if required. The WRC400 comes complete with a tripod adapter.

Priced at £1445.00 ex.VAT / €1700.00 ex.TAX, expected delivery 4-6 weeks.

Wide RC400

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