Cambo DB+ Digital System – Special Offer

Cambo have joined forces with Mamiya Leaf to bring together the finest camera technology available today, consisting of the new Cambo Actus-DB+ and Leaf Credo 50.

The Cambo DB+ Digital System offer will run from today until 31/08/2015 for an incredible €17,499.00 (normal price €20,493.00) around £12,799.00 at todays exchange rate. Prices exclude VAT and delivery.

Cambo Actus-DB Leaf Credo 50 Digital Kit

Cambo Actus-DB Leaf Credo 50 Digital Kit ©CamboUK

In May we demonstrated how to use movement with the Actus-DB and capture the images using the Leaf Credo 50 digital back. The shoot at the Royal Pavilion Gardens Brighton was well received and we will be making more of these events soon – sign up to this blog!

The results from this combination was so good it was natural for us to create a package and offer it at a special reduced cost. So what is on offer from Cambo? The system includes;

  • Cambo Actus DB+
  • Leaf Credo 50 Digital Camera Back
  • Digital Interface Plate
  • Schneider Apo-Digitar 90mm lens
  • Lens plate
  • Camera Bellows
  • Wake Up Firing Cable
  • Capture One Pro.

The Actus-DB+ is the upgraded version of the Actus-DB. After much discussion and feedback from professional photographers we have added the following;

  • Extended the rail to 175mm
  • Engraved Monorail Infinity settings for Rodenstock and Schneider lenses
  • Geared horizontal rear left/right shift

The Credo 50 Live Preview is a function that many photographers have been waiting for. Its fast, high quality and gives instant feedback of whether the image is in focus. You can zoom in to check focus and shoot within seconds producing a clean and sharp result. It also helps that the image is the right way round and that there isn’t the necessity to use a focus loupe or ND filter to view the image.


Leaf Credo 50 ©CamboUK

Price and Terms; Normal price €20,493.00 Special Offer €17,499.00 (around £12,799.00 at time of mailing.) Price excludes VAT and delivery. Ends 31/08/2015.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration please contact Cambo UK on M:07863 116150 or send us an email request;

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