Cambo ARTES-L Extended Video Boom

The ARTES video boom is a very popular mid-range video support because of its modularity, portability and functionality. Whether you choose to use a fixed camera plate, mechanical pan/tilt (MPT) or electronic pan/tilt (EPT) its a compact system that can be assembled and dis-assembled easily and fits to an industry standard 100mm bowl tripod.



Cambo’s research found that videographers require a boom with a longer reach. This of course becomes possible as cameras systems are lighter and with the introduction of the ARTES-L it is possible to add an extra 75cm extension.

The extended version, named ARTES-L, includes a Stabilisation Wire to help eliminate vibration when operating the boom. There is also an extra connection plate between the top and bottom arms to improve stability. The sliding counter weight for fine-tuning the balance remains part of the ARTES boom feature. The distance from the centre to the camera platform is extended with an additional 75cm (30″) to approximately 310cm (124″).

The extended ARTES-L is available in three versions:

ARTES-L with fixed camera plate

Price €1,060.00 / £848.00 excluding TAX/VAT and shipment.

ARTES-L – MPT including the Mechanical Pan & Tilt unit

Price €2,440.00 / £1,952.00 excluding TAX/VAT and shipment.

ARTES-L – EPT including the Electronically controlled Pan & Tilt unit EPT

Price €3,225.00 / £2,580.00 excluding TAX/VAT and shipment.

For existing ARTES units a conversion kit is available to make the ARTES to an ARTES-L. This includes the additional 75cm tubes, the stabilisation wire, support for the wire and the connection plate set.

ARTES ART-69 Conversion Kit – Price €230.00 / £184.00 excluding TAX/VAT and shipment.

For further information about upgrading your ARTES please contact CamboUK on 07863 116150 or who will advise on additional balance weight and MPT cabling.

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