The Photography Show 2016

The Photography Show 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Paula at Linhofstudios, Laurie and Andy from Peartree. They were showing a copy stand solution with the Cambo DB2. It consists of the Actus DB2 camera body, Rodenstock HR-W lens, Leaf Digital Back, Sinar Shutter controller and a copy stand.

Actus DB2


This is a serious setup as you have the ability to shoot extremely hi-res images, resolved by the Rodenstock HR-W lens – a DSLR will not come close to the quality and productivity of this solution.

Of course the Actus DB2 is an architectural camera, a studio camera, a copy camera, the functionality and modularity is amazing.



You can meet and discuss the Cambo Actus solutions on Stand F81.

Contact Linhofstudios for prices and further technical specifications of this system tel. 01702 716116

For specific information about Cambo products you can contact             Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150




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