Cars of the World Exhibition, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Cars of the World Exhibition, Reykjavik, Iceland 

A fusion of Car and Architectural Photography on display from July 2016

We are delighted to announce international architectural photographers Jonathan & Zarina Taylor are displaying the Iceland Cars of the World series of photographic essay images. The idea behind the projects is to explore the unique automotive culture of the countries they visit by shooting cars in locations that characterise the architecture and design of their locations.

“The Iceland project is where monster 4x4s and American classic sedans compete for attention with colourful corrugated houses and modern Scandinavian architecture and landscape” says Jonathan.

“As architectural photographers, composition is everything and the use of a technical camera allows for perfect perspective on the buildings that form the settings for this unique take on automotive photography. In these days when most car photography includes a heavy dose of cgi and post-production, Cloud 9 images aim to reflect the true nature of their subjects with a light touch on the Photoshop controls that focus one’s attention on the subject and not taking it into the dreamy world of advertising photography.”

“The primary objective with this work is to exhibit in large format exhibition prints and accordingly it had been photographed using a Cambo WRS-5005 technical camera with a Phase One digital back. This ensures the very best image quality available today, bringing the images to life in a way that other photographers can only dream of.”




Cambo WRS-5000 Series

Rodenstock WTS-832 lens

Rodenstock Lens with Tilt Swing Panel

“The Cambo WRS-5005 is compact, lightweight and precise when using the rise, fall and horizontal shift. The camera has a total 40mm vertical shift and 45mm horizontal shift. The camera has a built-in counter balance mechanism so when you shift the digital back up or down the same pressure is required. The wooden handgrips are particularly nice to handle, especially in cold conditions and the Arca mount on the base of the camera can be used with the Cambo CBH-6 ball head and my existing tripod heads.”


“All of the lenses I own have the Cambo WTS panel fitted; Rodenstock 32HR-W, 40HR-W and 70HR-W. The WTS Swings the lens 5 degrees left and right and Tilts 5 degrees up and down. Cambo can also fit the WTS to lenses you may already own. I had a Schneider 120mm that had the WTS factory fitted. I changed this to the 70HR-W as the 120 was too long for my work. It’s such a useful lens feature to tilt the focus for landscape detail, focus across the plane or use selective focus – it’s easy to use and conveniently built-in.”

The Exhibition takes place from 20 July to 20 August on Skólavörðustígur in central Reykjavik near the famous Hallgrimskirkja church. A hardback book will be available to celebrate the exhibition, contact Cloud 9 for further details.

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