New Cambo MBX Studiostand

Today, Cambo announce the new MBX Studio stand which will be shown at Photokina 2016. The MBX is new version that will be classed as a “Mid-range” studio stand to suit many photographers shooting with Medium format camera systems.

Cambo MBX studiostand

Cambo MBX Studiostand

The MBX series is positioned above the Monostand, with the heavier duty UST and UBS series remaining as the leading selling products.

New features have been added from the UBS series, such as the smooth gliding ball bearing movement enabling vertical movement and cross arm rotation. In addition to this there is a precise geared lateral positioning of the crossarm.

The Crossarm is longer, now 100cm, which will enable you to fit the laptop support tray and the camera can be moved into a better position when using the MBX for vertical shooting.

Cambo MBX crossarm

Cambo MBX Crossarm

An improved caste iron base similar to the Monostand version, has additional weight to improve stability. There is also the option to mount the MBX column to the UCB single action base using an adapter plate.

The MBX counterweight is optimised for a medium format camera with lens and tripod head. Although this can easily be adjusted if you wish to add the laptop support tray with computer.

The crossarm comes complete with one 3/8” camera platform, more of these can be mounted if required. There is also a newly designed adaptor that will enable you to mount the current range of UST accessories to the crossarm.

The MBX stand is standard available in two lengths, being 2,1 mtr(7’) and 2,7 mtr(9’) from oor to top. Customised lengths are available on request.

More product information can be found on our website under this MBX link or download 2016_MBX-Leaflet.pdf

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