New Cambo Wide RS-1600 Camera

New Cambo Wide RS-1600 Camera

Cambo is pleased to announce the new WRS-1600 camera body, a newly designed system and part of the popular Wide RS series.

WRS-1600 (1)

The cameras unique feature is the ability to rotate from horizontal to vertical thus changing the orientation of the digital sensor with a simple flip of the camera body, switching over is quick and easy to do.

WRS-1600 rotation

The body always remains secure in the mount, there is no shift in weight or re-levelling required. The digital sensor remains central and there is no need to refocus as the camera, lens and digital back is rotated. This saves time and effort when shooting on-location or when using the camera on the RPS copy stand.


Architectural and landscape photographers shooting in the field will benefit as the digital back remains in place protecting the sensor from exposure to the elements. The camera base fits direct to the CBH-6 ball head, so there is no need to use fiddly quick release plates, the camera stays firmly fixed in position.

Of course the body has lateral displacement built-in, using Cambo’s unique accelerated gears with detents spaced every 5mm. This allows for quick and secure placement of the sensor when making perspective controls and especially when stitching images.

The new WRS-1600 is 100% compatible with the full range of WRS accessories such as lenspanels with Rodenstock HR optics, also including Cambo’s unique tilt/swing lens options for selective sharpness and the optional Rodenstock’s electronic shutter system. 

The price of the WRS-1600 camera is €2,750.00 / $3,425.00 excluding TAX/VAT.

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