Meeting of Minds Conference 2016

Cambo showed the Actus Mini View Camera at the Meeting of Minds Conference organised by OnLandscape. It was a chance to meet, greet and show photographers that specialise in landscape photography the flexibility of using a technical camera in the field, using a DSLR and their choice of lens – from the wide range of fittings available.

meeting-of-minds 2016

Since the conference in 2014 Cambo have introduced a wide range of product accessories for the Actus Mini view and also manufactured a version for digital back photographers, the Actus DB2. You can read more about the Actus DB2 here. This was a test we did in the Royal Pavilion Gardens in Brighton using Leaf digital camera backs with digital lenses.


Actus Mini View Camera

The Actus Mini View camera is continually evolving. Cambo introduced extended rails and bellows for longer lenses and macro photography. As they progressed the demand was further increased and new lenses were introduced.

First there was a requirement for a wide angle that could simply slot in the front plate and be used with Mirrorless cameras such as Sony and Fuji, but also the majority users of Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

The Actar 24mm was introduced and is a good lens for architecture and landscape photography. The rear element was designed with the Canon/Nikon photographers in mind as they can use this lens and there is no longer a restriction for photographers to use a Mirrorless camera.

Actar 24

Actar 24

Actus and Actar 24

Actus and Actar 24

Cambo then launched the Actar 60mm at Photokina 2016. You can read more about this lens here. The 60mm is the ideal companion for landscape photographers. The lens will work with Mirrorless cameras such as Sony, Fuji and Olympus.

During the event a new lens by Irix was used. This is a 15mm wide angle lens, 110 degree angle of view, designed for both landscape and architectural photography. As this lens is very wide, 110 degrees, you will need a Mirrorless camera when fitted to the Actus. This lens is designed to have minimum distortion, anti glare and good colour balance with the Neutrino Coating and the image circle is around 56mm.

When using the Actus and Irix 15mm with the full frame Sony A7, the 24×36 sensor can be shifted 10mm left and right, also 10mm up and down (rise/fall.) Keeping the same format the effective sensor will be 44x56mm. We’ll publish results of using this lens soon.

This lens is available with Canon, Nikon or Pentax K mount. It certainly gives photographers more wide angle options and there are lens plates available in Canon and Nikon fit for the Actus.

Irix 15mm f2.4

Irix 15mm f2.4

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