Cambo Studio Equipment

Cambo Studio Equipment

Cambo manufacture a wider range of products from technical camera systems, video supports, booms and studio equipment.

Charlie Kaufman director of Fresh Academy Studios in Watford recently upgraded their studio equipment, they chose the Cambo MBX Studiostand and Cambo Lightboom (aka Redwing Lightboom.)

“We are delighted to have received our brand new stand and light boom from Cambo. This weekend, like most weekends, we have over 20 fashion shoots booked into the studio and I can assure you our new equipment is going to make our jobs a lot easier.” 


The MBX stand is standard available in two lengths, being 2,1 mtr(7’) and 2,7 mtr(9’) from floor to top. Customised lengths are available on request.

Cambo MBX studiostand

More product information can be found on our website under this MBX link or download 2016_MBX-Leaflet.pdf

Contact your dealer, or find your nearest supplier via the Cambo website; email;

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