Cambo Contax Lens

Cambo Contax lens for the Actus

Cambo have introduced a new lens option; Carl Zeiss Contax Distagon-35mm, for the Actus camera platform.

The lens is fitted into the Actus plate, the helical focussing mount is removed and a manual 15 blade aperture fitted for full control of the lens.

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But wait, it’s not finished there… the lens is perfect for both mirrorless medium format cameras and DSLR’s. It’s especially suitable for Nikon bodies as this has the longest ff-distance due to the new barrel without the helical focus.

The test shot below was captured using the Actus GFX and Fuji GFX50s, with 5mm fall adjustment and horizontal shift enabling a final stitched image.

Museum de Fundatie

Museum de Fundatie

More information about the Contax lens option and Actus camera system can be obtained from your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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