Cambo Actus Focus Rail Extension

Cambo Actus Focus Rail Extension

We have yet another mistake made by our Youtube friends or should I say reviewers. Unfortunately they don’t use technical cameras or have little experience using different lenses and camera combinations.

It’s important to point out these mistakes so that they don’t mis-guide you and influence your next camera purchase.

One reviewer asked “Why does the front standard rotate 360 degrees? Is it for 360 degree photography?” Quite simply the answer is “No, it’s not!” 

So the question is, why does it rotate?

It’s quite simple really and relates to the digital camera and lenses you wish to use.

Some longer lenses may not focus and the lens may have to be further away from the sensor.

So Cambo very cleverly designed a way to extend the front of the focus rail by 45mm without adding extra length to the Actus camera.

This is done by simply rotating the front standard 180 degrees, by doing this the lens panel is moved to the front and this is where you gain the extra 45mm.

Once the front is completely round, making sure you zero the movements, take the lens out and reverse it. Now you can see the lens panel has moved forward by 45mm. 

Another very useful function, now that the lens protrudes further forward, is that you can add a filter system with a holder, as it is positioned away from the front standard enabling you to add  more tilt.

The lens in the video measures 22mm depth, a filter holder is 15mm, this extra 37mm gives you more tilt to play with without the filter touching the front standard of the Actus. This is especially useful if you are using a graduated filter longer than 100mm.

More information about the Cambo Actus system and accessories contact your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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