Cambo Vlogger Video Pedestal VPS-1

Cambo Vlogger Video Pedestal VPS-1

When setting up a blog studio, there is a lot of talk about camera systems, green screen, lighting and audio components to make the end production a professional experience.

Many bloggers use a tripod, but this isn’t the best way of setting up the camera in the right position. I know this as I blog often and the camera gets shifted and moved from pillar to post. So what do the bloggers or Vloggers use in their studios?

You may have heard of Michael Stevens of VSauce. The Vlog he hosts has 12+Million subscribers reviewing scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics, as well as on gaming, technology, culture, Vsauce Youtube Channel

Cambo Vlogger Video Pedestal VPS-1

In the green screen studio he uses a camera, with rig and teleprompter all supported by the Cambo VPS-1 Video Pedestal, the load capacity is up to 30kg.

The VPS-1 is ideal for studio use as you can move the kit very easily as the column is fitted with the VPD-9 dolly wheels. Plus for those that have cables strewn across the floor you can fit the VPD-510 Cable Mover to each dolly wheel. No more snags and smooth operation.

Cambo VPS-1 Pedestal Kit

Cambo VPS-1 Pedestal Kit

You can see more here about the VPS-1 system, kits are available to extend the pneumatic column and options to convert for video track use.

A complete kit consisting of VPS-1, Dolly, 150/300mm Extensions and Cable Movers €2,538.00 that’s around £2,248.00 (at today’s exchange rate) ex.TAX/VAT and delivery.

For further information about the VPS-1 and Video Rigs contact your local Cambo dealer, or email  Cambo with your enquiry.

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