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GFX-100_rearCambo Actus Development

The Cambo Actus camera system launched in 2014 has been a great success, so much that the system is continually evolving accepting newer digital camera systems such as the Hasselblad X1D and Fuji GFX.

During the development journey, the Actus initially launched with markings for all movements and the rise/fall, on the rear standard, was represented by click stops.

As more photographers came on board the demand for the system was to build new functions and knobs to suit the working environments. We added a Whip Control to the Actus for portrait photographers and more control for Digital Backs with the Rear Shift Knob.


Actus-DB-plus rear standard

Actus-DB-Plus Rear Standard


Here is a brief overview of new developments;

Actus B Mini View Camera – Rise and Fall represented by click stops.

Actus DB Plus – Rise and Fall markings added, New knob control for rear shift accuracy.

Actus GFX – Designed for Fuji GFX, Rise and Fall markings with quick change camera mount

Actus XCD – Designed for Hasselblad X1D, Rise and Fall markings with quick change camera mount


Cambo is well known for developing camera systems based on modularity, keeping your camera equipment up to date by providing options to upgrade.

So, if you have purchased a 4 year old Actus B Mini camera, there are options to upgrade to an Actus GFX or Actus XCD – so you can use medium format. Or you can add the AC-78E to the Actus upgrade and also use your DSLR or Mirrorless camera. You have the best of both Worlds!

The GFX and XCD upgrade has the ACB-979 rear standard with rise/fall markings and knob control for horizontal shift accuracy. A front block is supplied to increase the height as this conversion is designed to accept (with the right mount) the Fuji GFX and Hasselblad X1D.

When you are ready to upgrade, contact your local dealer to discuss the camera system you are using and they will give you the best option available.

You can order from your local Cambo dealer. More information can be found here 

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