Cambo Pedestal Bowl Head

Cambo Pedestal Bowl Head

Recently I read a question by a student about a ‘tripod ball’ fitting and didn’t know anything about the 75mm or 100mm bowl adapters for existing tripod heads. The student is a photographer and could not justify the high cost of a video ball head and wanted a mid-ranged tripod head that he could use in the studio with a pedestal.

Cambo VPS-1 Pedestal Kit

Cambo VPS-1 Pedestal Kit

It’s worth mentioning Cambo manufacture a wide range of video products, including booms and pedestals, that are supplied with a bowl head ready to accept ball fluid heads.

The Cambo VPS-1 is fitted with a bowl head that accepts professional fluid ball heads of 100mm. Ball heads are used by professional production companies that demand the best in quality, design and functionality. Miller, Sachtler, Vinten and Manfrotto are probably the best known in this field.

However if you don’t have a fluid ball head, like the Manfrotto 526 pictured below, you can adapt a wide range of video heads using the ball head adapter.


Manfrotto 526 Bowl Video Head

The pictures below show the Manfrotto MVH500AH fluid head, being fitted to the VPS-1 using the Manfrotto 500 half 100mm ball head adapter.

For further information about the VPS-1 contact your local Cambo dealer, or email  Cambo with your enquiry.

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