Using the Cambo V-15

Using the Cambo V-15

Manchester has a plethora of filmmakers and production companies and they don’t have to travel far to get a great backdrop to their productions. The Midland Hotel on Peter Street has hosted an array of Kings, Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, and now it’s the turn of Shooting Gallery Films.

Shooting Gallery Films was formed by Brian Spranklen and Paul Kerry with the concept of marrying high quality cinematic imagery into the world of viral video. Cost of filming is very challenging so they conceived to bring together a small multi talented team of industry professionals with a wealth of experience to create a filmic quality at an affordable rate.

‘As you can see we use the Cambo V-15 for camera support, it fits the bill perfectly for the cameras and lenses we use’ said Brian Spranklen.

‘I love it! It’s so smooth and well balanced I use the V-15 a lot. As I said balancing is important so sliding the weights into place is easy and it all fits together within minutes. Moving from high to low level shots with the V-15 and fluid head is a breeze, the movement is also smooth when panning’ said Paddy McGowan, Camera Operator.


Check out SGF’s film reel – Click here and click the main page to play.

For more information about Cambo Video Booms and supports – Click here or Cambo Fotografische if you have any technical questions.

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