New life for your view camera

Many view cameras that were acquired in the Nineties or Zeroes (that sounds horrible!) by commercial studios and schools now have entered the stage of retirement. Not unlike human beings, some of these trusted work horses would rather stay active. Therefore we offer the means to use them with digital backs, DSLRS and Mirrorless cameras.

Let’s start with this 4×5″ Master, Cambo’s top of the line view camera introduced in 1988.

Let's start with this 4x5" Master, Cambo's top of the line view camera introduced in 1988.

In the camera shown above, the ground glass back is replaced by a Cambo DPB-45, it’s completed with an interface plate for a digital back. In this case an SLW-83 suitable for the Phase One/Mamiya interface of the Leaf Credo.

Cambo Master / Schneider Super-Symmar 110

If your view camera has a “standard” Graflock back, one of Cambo’s Graflock adapters can take the place of the ground glass. Like this WDS-506 for backs with a Hasselblad interface. The use of it is not limited to Cambo view cameras. For digital backs that have no or limited live view, there are sliding backs available.

On this Cambo Wide the ground glass of the Graflock back has been replaced with a WDS-509 to fit a Phase One IQ4 digital back.

In 1998 the Legend and Master view cameras were replaced by the Ultima. Although still available in 4×5′ and 8×10′ versions, this view camera was primarily designed for digital applications. Digital sensors, being much smaller than the traditional “large format”, require finer camera settings. The Ultima evolved into the Actus-XL, to make it more compatible with the smaller Cambo Actus view cameras. This makes the Ultima / Actus-XL the perfect base if you’d like to work with a view camera, but not necessarily with a digital back.

A Cambo Actus-XL with Nikon Z7
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