Cambo at Focus on Imaging 2012 pt2

Focus on Imaging proved to be a very exciting show for us and we have certainly gained a lot interest by demonstrating the X2Pro system.

Cambo UK are Mamiya Leaf dealers and this was the perfect opportunity to show the Leaf Aptus-II 12, 80million pixel Digital Camera Back and Mamiya AFD with the X2Pro for commercial shoots.

Some photographers recognised the X2Pro as they already own one and use it with their Canon or Nikon DSLR but didn’t realise you can adapt the Mamiya (Phase One DF) and a high end digital back – Leaf Aptus and Phase One IQ series.

Every studio has leses tucked away in the cupboard and you can now dig out your favourite lenses from Hasselblad (CF) and Mamiya RB/RZ, 645Pro and adapt them to the camera standard. Of course there are plenty of Schneider and Rodenstock lenses that can be used with the camera and we are now busy quoting to convert some of those lenses.

What is the price? Well, for a small investment of €1834.00 or £1559.00 you will get an X2Pro camera, bellows, camera mount and #0 or #1 lens panel. A new Schneider 100mm Apo-Digitar lens is €1011.00 or £860.00. Total kit cost €2845.00 or £2419.00, all prices are ex.VAT/Tax and delivery.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. If you have existing Mamiya RB/RZ or Hasselblad CF lenses you can save yourself a lot of money by purchasing suitable lens plate. Currently the Mamiya RB/RZ or Hasselblad CF version is €396.00 or £337.00.

There is an X2Pro Macro version at available for €1375.00 or £1169.00 and there are 2 dedicated lenses available, Schneider Apo-Digitar 80mm priced at €1011.00 or £860.00 or the 120mm at €1338.00 or £1138.00.

For DSLR users there are camera mounts and bellows available for a long list of Canon and Nikon models, call Cambo UK for further information about the various mounts and we will price them in the kit packages.

More will follow on this blog, we have a test/reviews coming along very soon which will be added here and we will publish a link to some high quality jewellery and watch photography…we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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