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Taking Toronto

B3K Digital in Toronto have been Cambo’s partner in Canada for many years. Co-founder Walter Borchenko is a keen photographer himself. When we first spoke about the ability to combine a Nikon PC-19 with a Phase One IQ4 he immediately … Continue reading

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Dedicated to the job

Digitization is key to make and keep our cultural heritage accessible and to preserve it for the future. Since it’s a labour intensive task, you want to do it once and do it right. Cambo RPS copystand with a Phase … Continue reading

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Modern sensors and legacy lenses

Until a few decades ago, it seemed so obvious: Products of European photographic brands were manufactured in Europe. That’s changed for many. At Cambo however, we take pride in our own manufacturing facility in the small town of Kampen, The … Continue reading

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Effortlessly rotating

Simultanteously with the Actus-MV view camera we introduced two new digital back adapters: ACDB-990 for use with the Phase One/Mamiya interface and ACDB-991 for Hasselblad V backs. These two adapters have the distinction of an integrated mechanism for the landscape/portrait … Continue reading

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Simple things that make live easier (part 2)

The Cambo UST and UBS studio stands share the same range of accessories. Cross arms, extensions and camera platforms, everything that has the U designation fits to these stands. We’ve redesigned the fitting. It will obviously still be compatible with … Continue reading

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Stepping up

An article in one of the larger Dutch papers a few weeks ago: “World’s most expensive stairway in French villa built in The Netherlands.” An article like that is useless without pictures and the accompanying photographs do justice to the … Continue reading

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A Versatile View Camera

The Actus made our view cameras portable. When mirrorless cameras became a sound alternative to DSLRs, this created a demand for view cameras that could use these small but capable machines as a digital back. The essential camera movements in … Continue reading

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Great flavours and wonderful scenery

With 14 book publications behind his name and over three decades of experience as a chef, we may well consider Heinz von Holzen an authority on Indonesian food. During his entire professional career Heinz managed to combine his passion for … Continue reading

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Keep your spirits high

If someone would have told us at the beginning of 2021 we’d end the year in lockdown, we wouldn’t have believed it. Nevertheless, that’s where we are right now. Although the pandemic definitely took its toll on the industry – … Continue reading

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Dutch silver mining and beyond

Sake Elzinga lives in the tranquil Dutch town of Assen. Approaching his front door you can’t miss a print displayed in the window. It shows bumper cars on an abonded fair. This turns out to be a photograph made near … Continue reading

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