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Mamiya Leaf Credo Prices and Availability

Mamiya Leaf announced the Credo 80MP, 60MP and 40MP today and our blog hit has gone off the scale! Prices are; 80MP £25,495 / 60MP £21,245 / 40MP £12,745  excluding VAT. Delivery is expected in June 2012. Upgrade Programme Leaf … Continue reading

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Mamiya Leaf Announce the NEW Credo Digital Camera Backs

Today Mamiya Leaf announced a new range of digital camera backs; Leaf Credo 80MP, 60MP and 40MP. Leaf are known for delivering high quality resolution images and have now improved the capture rate, increased the exposure times and introduced LIVE … Continue reading

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Cambo RPS Repro Copy Stand

Capturing objects and fine art requires a high quality engineered reprographic copy stand, a flexible camera system, a high resolution digital camera back, plus lenses to resolve the detail and good lighting. RPS Repro System The Cambo RPS System is … Continue reading

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