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best studio investment you’ll ever make

Since the very beginning – in 1946 – Cambo have been building studio stands. And many of those early stands are still being used. Often our stands are passed on from one generation to the next! Like the one shown … Continue reading

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Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI

Cultural Heritage AutoColumn and AutoPPI Since introducing the Cambo RPS (repro copy stand) at Photokina 2010, Cambo have developed their solution by adding wall mounts, 4 interchangeable bases, Shutter controller systems and levelling head options. Now there is a complete … Continue reading

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Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L

Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L The Cambo WIDE camera system is a ‘pancake’ style camera i.e. it’s lightweight and extremely compact. So not surprisingly many photographers find the WIDE system is ideal for architectural and landscape photography. A variety of focal length … Continue reading

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Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit is an attachment used for a copy stand that accepts an Arca Swiss rail or QR (Quick Release) mount. It enables you to level the camera when using the Cambo RPS column … Continue reading

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Cambo Digital Repro #6 – Phase One SLW-888 Interface Plate

Phase One SLW-888 Interface Plate The Phase One SLW-88 nterface plate is a close-up adapter which will host a digital back with a PhaseOne XF/DF or Mamiya-Leaf 645 AFd interface. The digital back needs to be triggered externally as there … Continue reading

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Cambo Digital Repro #5 – WRS Macro Adapter

Cambo Digital Repro – WRS Macro Adapter When shooting macro photography you may be familiar with DSLR camera systems and using a combination of three extension tubes. This method extends the distance between the camera lens and sensor plane increasing … Continue reading

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Cambo Digital Repro #2 – Rodenstock eShutter

In our previous blog we gave a brief overview of the Cambo WRC-400-Repro archival solution that is proving popular with many Museums, Libraries and Archival businesses worldwide. We listed the equipment setup that was used to capture the images. Each … Continue reading

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