Cambo Open Day Success!

The Open day was a great success. Thanks to Mamiya Leaf & Profoto for supporting us and bringing the latest kit for us to show.

Our aim for the day was to open the UK office and introduce photographers & videographers to the full range of Cambo products. It was a relaxed day and there was the opportunity to handle the camera equipment.

We used the Cambo Wide RS for the architectural shoot and showed the live focus function on the Leaf Credo 80, supported by the Cambo WRS-1060 iPhone Viewer, iPad, iMac and iPhone! There are so many supported viewing options available now.

For the fashion shoot we used the Leaf Credo 80, Mamiya DF & LS lenses. The ProFoto Parabolic Reflector 180 with Air packs provided lighting on the model which was controlled via the Leaf Air Grip… fabulous combination to work with.

Then we setup the Cambo X2Pro with Nikon D800 to add movement to the image and push the focus on the models eyes… you have to use the X2Pro camera to appreciate it!

We were especially pleased to hear the following comments;

“The Wide RS has tilt and swing on the lenses, for me to do this on an Alpa I would have to buy 2 lenses!”

“The Live focus works a dream, I’m definitely going to invest in the Leaf Credo 80…”

“Thanks for your invitation, we have many talented people in the region which is something to encourage, celebrate and support…”

“The video track and pedestal is really good, we need to buy this kit for our production house”

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