The Original Cambo Redwing Boom

When investing in high quality digital cameras, lenses and lighting, it’s equally important to use good quality lighting supports and booms.

Cambo manufacture the Original Redwing Boom a multi-functional, high quality, durable lighting boom that has been built to last even in the most demanding studios.

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Cambo Compact Redwing Boom; Model RD1100

This Compact boom, measuring only 132cm (52″) with a reach of  81cm (32″) is a favourite among location and tabletop photographers as well as those with limited studio space.

The counterweight bag/s can slide into position over a rail with a length of 35 cm (14″) for ideal balancing.

Specifications; overall size assembled:  132cm (52″), standard reach: 81cm (32″), weight: 4Kg (9 lbs), includes: 1 empty counterweight bag which can be filled with 6.8 Kg (15 Lbs) of lead shot/sand.

Price; £237.00 +VAT / €272.00 +TAX

Cambo Standard Redwing Boom; Model RD1200

The Standard Boom is perfect for general studio photography, large sets, portrait studios and applications with extremely low angles that other booms can’t handle. It features calibrated angle indicators on both the height adjustment and rotating head movements, making it easy to repeat setups.

The counterweight bags can slide into position individually over a rail with a length of 55 cm (21″) for ideal balancing.

Specifications; overall size assembled: 2.9m (9.5′), standard reach: 1.8m (6′) with standard 46cm (18″) extension, weight:   7 Kg (16 lbs)  includes: 2 empty counterweight bags which can be filled with a total 11.2 Kg (25 lbs) of lead shot/sand.

Price; £298.00 +VAT / €350.00 +TAX

Both light booms features; precision brass bearings for ultra-smooth movements and accurate positioning of the mounted light source.

Head extension at the end of the boom offers rotation up to 360 unlimited light angle & directional control. All angle movements are controlled by a convenient handle at the pivot point.

Mounting of boom to tripods: Preferably with 28mm (1 1/8″) stud or optionally onto a 16mm  (5/8″) spigot.

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