Paul Fosbury shoots Lexus with the Cambo X2-Pro

AOP award winning photographer Paul Fosbury bought the X2-Pro to shoot fashion with swing & tilt control using the Canon 5D MKII. The X2-Pro is designed for product and macro photography but Paul quickly identified by using the controls on the camera he could shift the plane of focus to produce create fashion images. It wasn’t too long before he invested in a Nikon D800 and Schneider 28mm Digitar lens for the X2-Pro to shoot images for luxury car manufacturers Lexus.

You can find the rest of Paul’s work here

Cambo X2-Pro Technical Specification;

Horizontal Shift : 17.5mm Left/17.5mm Right Vertical Shift 17.5mm Up/17.5mm Down Swing Angle: 20 deg Left/20 deg Right Tilt Angle: 20 deg Up/20 deg Down

The amount of lens-panel movement is dependent upon the size of the image circle of the lens and the body/bayonet construction of the DSLR.

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