New products from Cambo at NAB Las Vegas 2013

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The NAB show is well underway in Las Vegas and Cambo have been showing products that have been recently introduced in Europe.

Visit Alphatron at Booth C10455 to see our latest equipment and developments.


Cambo EPT – a low-cost, high quality, motorised pan and tilt head developed for the Artes and V-15 booms enabling cameras up to 10Kg to be used. There are two purchase options;

Cambo EPT: Motorised head c/w Joystick Controller €2,195/£1,866/$2,875 +tax/vat

Cambo Artes EPT: Artes Boom c/w EPT Motorised head & Joystick Controller €2,995/£2,546/$3,920+tax/vat


Cambo X4Pro – Developed originally as the X2Pro for still images for HDSLR systems the X4Pro is being fine tuned to be used with high quality video systems. The first version of the X4Pro was made for the Red Epic, now at NAB we are showing the X4Pro with Sony Cameras.


Price? The X4Pro c/w 19mm Rail Connector and Follow Focus Control is €2,395/£2,100/$3,200+tax/vat

So why have we developed the X4Pro & what does the new version offer?

The Cambo X4Pro offers up to 20 degrees swing and 20 degrees tilt, up to 17.5mm horizontal and 17.5mm vertical shift. The movements are dependent on the size of the video sensor and the lenses used. We have a wide range of high quality digital lenses available, manufactured by Schneider and Rodenstock.

Why use movement?

If we use depth of field to throw the background in/out of focus we are changing the aperture of the lens and as you know lenses perform better at specific apertures, we call this the sweet spot. A 28mm Schneider Digital lens at f11 can remain at f11 as we can use the movement on the X4Pro to adjust the plane of focus. The sample clip below is from a Red camera showing the road in focus. When the car enters the road area they will be in focus, this is selective focus. Taking this a step further we can focus across the diagonal of a product maintaing the sweet spot of the lens and pull just the product in focus. Many photographers use the selective and plane of focus for product shots and macro photography – now we have made this available for professional video.


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