Cambo introduce the ‘New’ CS-280 Follow Focus Drive Wheel

Cambo Follow Focus units are generally used with heavy duty lenses that have built-in gear or require a lens strap with a gear mechanism. Wider geared drives were introduced when the CS-MFC-2 and CS-MFC-3 were launched and supplied with a new lens strap that could be fitted easier and coupled to the drive instantly.

The HDSLR Camera manufacturers Canon, Nikon and Sony supply lenses with rubber sleeves around the focus ring. As these lenses are lightweight they are easy to focus such that we have now introduced the CS-280 Rubber drive wheel that can be fitted to existing Cambo Follow Focus units.

The sample video was captured using a Cambo Video rig with the CS-MFC-2 Follow Focus and CS-280 Rubber Drive Wheel. The Camera we used was a Nikon D800, the wide shot was captured with the 50mm f1.4 and the 105mm Macro lens was used for the close-up shot.

The CS-MFC-2 has 2 hard focus stops. The first point of focus was made on the wall and the second point on the marble statue. As you can see from the video clip the Follow Focus and CS-280 works perfectly.

The CS-280 Rubber Drive Wheel is available now for €46.00/£39.00 +tax/vat.

Both Follow Focus units are also available from Cambo, the CS-MFC-2 is priced at €791.00/£672.00 and CS-MFC-3 €699.00/£594.00 +tax/vat.

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