Cambo Video Booms at IBC, Amsterdam

We were pleased with the response to the new Follow Focus units and have been inundated with enquiries when we demonstrated our range of video booms and cranes, the Artes EPT and V40 System.

Since introducing the Artes with the new EPT we are pleased to say the sales have increased and we took a lot of orders at IBC.

We also had a large number of enquiries for the V40 crane. Why? Because it is a modular crane that is easily transportable and can be packed into a medium sized case. The V40 can be used in the studio and on-location with the addition of the VCSS (Video Cable Stabilisation System), PT930 Battery Kit and PT960 V-Mount Adaptor. We were also told at IBC there was no other crane at the show that compared to this.

Cambo V40

Cambo V40

To complement the V40 System there is a choice of electronic pan and tilt heads available, the EPT for up to 5Kg or the PT900s which will suppport upto 30Kg depending on the length of the crane.

Cambo PT900s

Cambo PT900s

V40 Location Kit

V40 On-Location

Further information, pricing and technical specifications contact Cambo Fotografische Industrie BV, email: tel: +31 (0)38 331 4644

Cambo UK, email: tel: +44 (0)161 850 3590

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