Cambo meets Gadgetman!

It’s not often you bump into the Gadgetman; John Bentley. Well if the truth be known I asked “Hi John what do you think of the new Cambo follow focus?” JB1

John presents the latest products, innovations and gadgets available in the market today and has a huge knowlege of digital photography, video and all things gadgety! He enthuses when reviewing the latest technology and in my opinion is the main man on Channel 5‘s The Gadget Show.

He replied “Oooh, very nice. Its smooth and there is no play in the mechanism” he continued “what a well engineered product, so how much is it?” Not wanting to disappoint John, more like shocking him “It sells for £672.00”… a delay…an intake of breath.. “Wow that’s cheap and it has 2 adjustable stops!”

Yes, the Cambo MFC-2 follow focus is beautifully crafted and was a huge hit when launched last year. Fitted with a “Swing” single rail fixing its compact and solid in every position.

But I hear you say “I don’t have those fantastic grippy Cambo rails?” Don’t despair as we have a Dual Rail Version MFC-22 for all those users wishing to upgrade. There is also a Single grip 19mm rail version MFC-9.

The video shows the MFC-3, the image below is the MFC-2 with hard 2 stops. Click the image to watch the video…

Cambo CS-MFC-2 Follow Focus

Cambo CS-MFC-2 Follow Focus

The MFC-2 is available now from Cambo retailers around the World.

I will be attending BVE 25-27th February – if you are looking for support equipment call me and we can discuss Cambo Professional Video grip.

Mobile +44(0)7863 116150

See you at the show!


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