Panasonic GH-4 Eyecup…from Cambo

The buzz and excitement is everywhere and a lot of photographers are trying to get their hands on the new GH-4 camera from Panasonic.

I was speaking to a camera reviewer last week and he said it would be better with a soft rubber eyecup. It just so happens Cambo have one.

Here are some shots from the Calumet Open Day, London – eyecups modelled by Nigel and Richard from the Panasonic UK Distributors, Holdans.

GH-4 Eyecup IMG_2294 IMG_2295


The eyecup is soft and very flexible fitting comfortably for left or right eye viewing. I really like this eyecup as I can use it wearing my spectacles! Priced at €30.00 / £29.00 +TAX / VAT and post.

Available now from you nearest Cambo stockist or you can contact Cambo UK email: Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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