Red Digital Cinema Follow Focus

Its perceived that Cambo manufacture Follow Focus units just for DSLR cameras as our business has evolved through the photography market.

As you can see from the images our Follow Focus units are engineered for high quality video systems and the same units can be used with DSLRs.


We have clients shooting with Red Digital Cinema Cameras, Sony, Panasonic and a wide range of lenses from Angenieux, Canon, Fujinon, Schneider, Zeiss… the list goes on…

Follow Focus Features;

  • Fits all lens diameters
  • 2 Adjustable Focus Stops (MFC-2 and MFC-9)
  • 15mm Rail Fitting (MFC-2)
  • 19mm Rail Fitting (MFC-9)
  • Interchangeable Gears
  • Replaceable focus point marking disk
  • Gear mount option for left and right side focusing
  • Focus direction can be changed
  • Easy swing-away for quick lens change
  • Adjustable focus knob angle
  • Accessory port for Star Knob, Whip and Cranks
  • Broad focus gear 9mm (0.8 – 45 teeth)
  • 15mm rod compatible
  • Precision milled, high grade aluminium construction
  • Made in The Netherlands (EU)

The single rail 15mm follow focus CS-MFC-2 is priced at €792.00 / £675.00 alternatively the 19mm rail grip version CS-MFC-9 is €832.00 / £710.00 plus TAX or VAT.

The CS-MFC-22 is the same as the MFC-2 but with a Dual 15mm Rail Fitting. Available now and is priced at €898.00 / £763.00 plus TAX or VAT.

More information is now available from Cambo BV website: or you can contact Cambo UK email: Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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