Cambo ACTUS Tabletop shots

As promised we are now posting images captured on our trips to customers. The following shows you a simple setup with the control to focus the front and rear or use the selective focus to to pull your eye to the subject in the image.

The images are screen captures to show the effect of the movement and not the resolution of the camera being used – you can call your local dealer and they will gladly show you the ACTUS with a DSLR or Mirror less system. You can then judge for yourself  and experience the quality of the results produced with the ACTUS mini view camera.


Here’s a close-up of the front of the tabletop.


All digital camera systems need a little sharpening so I applied 100% to lift the image with Radius 2.0 and Threshold 3 levels. The settings worked well with these images. As you can see the detail is very fine and the colour (orange) of the original image file is smoother than shown here, as the screen captures are png files.

ACTUS Back Focus

The back of the image was also in focus and again the same settings used to ‘tweak’ the sharpness. The following image shows the same file at 50%…

ACTUS Back Focus 50%

and at 100%…

ACTUS Back Focus 100% View

The next test for our client was to show how easy it is to use selective focus with the ACTUS. Here the swing and tilt was used to select the focus area across the pan and at the same time drop the front and back products out of focus.

ACTUS Selective Focus

I used the same settings again for Unsharp Mask…

ACTUS Selective Focus Crop

At 100% the image holds up really well and the client was delighted with the results.

ACTUS Selective Focus 100% View

Tabletop Setup and Equipment List:

The lighting was very simple, we used a single diffused Elinchrom flash head with a small board over the top right to drop a small amount of light back in.

Cambo ACTUS c/w Sony E-Mount, Standard Bellows, #0 Lensplate, Schneider 80mm f4 Apo-Digitar lens, CBH-6 Ball Head and Sony A7R Mirror less camera.


Download the Cambo ACTUS Brochure – English

Download the Cambo ACTUS Brochure – Deutsch

More information is now available from Cambo BV website: or you can contact Cambo UK email: Tel: +44 (0)7863 116150

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