Royal Pavilion and Gardens, Brighton – Cambo and Leaf Shoot

As part of our on-going activity we are pleased to announce that Cambo will be showing 3 camera systems; ACTUS, ACTUS-DB and Wide RS, along with the latest sensor technology from Mamiya Leaf and Sony.

CamboActusA7iPhone       ACTUS DB Leaf Credo

Cambo ACTUS – the new mini view camera is designed for mirrorless systems such as the Sony A7R, Fuji X and Olympus. With lens plates for Mamiya RB/RZ, Mamiya 645Pro, Hasselblad V, Nikon, Pentax 645, Copal #0 and #1 – a truly versatile and modular system.

** NEW PRODUCT** The much anticipated Cambo ACTUS-DB will be available with the New Leaf Credo 50 digital back. The DB has the same functionality as the ACTUS however it is designed to accept Mamiya Leaf, Phase One and Hasselblad digital backs.

Cambo Wide RS – a well established architectural and landscape camera. More recently
the WRS has been a huge hit with car photographers – come and try out the kit with the Schneider 43mm TS – this lens has Tilt and Swing built into the lens mount – and we will be shooting with the Leaf Credo 60.

Cambo WideRS

When: 12th March 2015

Time: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 – times may vary depending on attendance and as this is an outdoor shoot is dependent on the weather.

Where: Royal Pavilion Gardens, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 1EE – We have been granted permission to shoot the King William IV Gateway and the North face of the Royal Pavillion The entrance is on Church Street by the Museum and Art Gallery – call us when you arrive – 07863 116150.

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