Phase One IQ3 Digital Back Interface Plate

Phase One recently introduced the new XF camera system, along with a new interface for the IQ3 series digital backs.

Cambo now have an interface available for the IQ3 to fit to all cameras which accept the popular SLW series digital interface plates.

SLW-83 for Phase One IQ3 ©CamboUK

SLW-83 for Phase One IQ3 ©CamboUK

The SLW series are compatible with; Actus-DB, Wide RS and Ultima camera systems.

The SLW-83 is available now from Cambo UK or your nearest Cambo professional stockist, priced at €394.00 (£288.00 approx.) ex.VAT and shipping.

For more information please contact Cambo UK on M:07863 116150 or send us an email request;

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