Cambo Actus Focus Whip

We recently featured the portrait photographer Alex Vreeman And many have asked about the Cambo focus whip connected to the Actus camera. This video briefly explains the parts you need and how to fit it.

The focus knob needs to be replaced with the Whip Knob. Simply move the rubber grip with a small screw driver and be careful not to damage the rubber focus grip.

Make sure you align the flat part on the spindle with the Whip focus knob, slot it into place and tighten up with an allen key.

There is a screw supplied with the new Whip focus knob, but I prefer to use the allen bolt from the original knob as it is shorter and fits flush with either focus knobs.

As you can see from the sample video the focus is very smooth as your hand is away from the camera minimising vibration. The Whip Focus is ideal for all types of work especially tabletop, macro and archive photography.

To order contact you local dealer or Cambo B.V. direct for prices

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