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You may have already read the Cambo newsletter announcing that you can update the Ultima camera system with accessories developed from the Cambo Actus series. A few photographers have already asked me, what is the avdvantage of using an Ultima camera and how do these accessories improve the camera?

Let’s take a look at the Ultima and discover what the camera offers in the way of functionality.

You can already adapt the Ultima to the following;

  • DSLR system (Nikon/Canon)
  • Mirrorless Camera (Sony A7 Series)
  • Medium Format Digital Backs (Hasselblad/Leaf/PhaseOne)
  • 4×5 Film (Film!)
Cambo Ultima 45, 23 and 35

Cambo Ultima 45, 23 and 35

There is more control with the Ultima, which is expected as the platform is larger than the Actus series. Micro movement control is extremely important when shooting in and out of the studio. You can read more here <LINK TO ULTIMA BROCHURE> and this is why the Ultima has sold successfully for 18 years.

So why adapt these Actus accessories to the Ultima? Let’s take a look at the products Cambo have announced;

  • ACXL-970 rear frame standard
  • ACXL-965 rear camera standard
  • ACXL-960 front standard adapter



Cambo ACXL-970

This is a rear frame standard that accepts the SLW adapters to fit a digital back. The SLW adapters are available for Hasselblad H/V, Phase One Mamiya, Leaf Mamiya, Contax, Leaf Afi and Sinar HY6.

The ACXL-970 accepts the magnetic bellows that is supplied with the Cambo Actus DB/DB2. This makes assembling and packing the camera away fast and easy to do.

In the recent mailer the interesting comment for me is “if you have a Cambo sliding back, Cambo also has an exchange plate for that under construction” – This will be an ideal accessory for photographers using a digital back that does not have a live video function.



Cambo ACXL-965

The new rear camera standard is a very useful accessory as this will enable you to adapt more digital camera bodies to the Ultima. The Ultima is already compatible with Canon, Nikon and Sony E series. However, you have fit an additional battery pack to the Canon or Nikon cameras and to move the camera from horizontal to vertical you have to fit an extra vertical bracket. This slows the photographer down with change over.

With the ACXL-965 you no longer need an additional battery pack as the camera is fitted to the bayonet mount. The best part for me is moving from horizontal to vertical is easy as you flick the switch and rotate the camera body. It’s faster to do and more importantly the composition of the image is aligned.

There are camera mounts for Canon DSLR and M3, Nikon DSLR, Leica M, Sony E, Micro Four-Third, Olympus OMD and Fuji X.



Cambo ACXL-960

As Cambo have added more digital camera compatibility, it is also possible to use a wider range of lenses b y adding the new ACXL-960. For example if you use the Fuji mirrorless series camera which has an APS-C sensor a wider range of lenses will cover the capture area and give more options for stitching larger images. See our previous article Cambo Actus and Fuji XT.

The ACXL-960 opens up more lens possibilities, there are mounts available now for; #0, #1, M39 Thread, Leica-R bayonet, Hasselblad V bayonet, Mamiya RB/RZ bayonet, Nikon F bayonet, Canon EOS bayonet, MamiyaPro TL bayonet and Pentax 645 bayonet.

All products are available from your local Cambo stockist, prices exclude VAT/Tax and delivery;

  • ACXL-970 rear frame standard €390
  • ACXL-965 rear camera standard €279.00
  • ACXL-960 front standard adapter €158.00

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