Canon EOS-M3 Micro shoot with the Cambo Actus

Everyday we are asked about which lenses are compatible with the Cambo Actus, so during a dealer show in the UK there was an opportunity to try out a few lenses from our friends at Canon. Our first test is shooting with the Canon EOS-M3 and 65mm MP-E.

Canon MP-E 65mm

The Canon 65mm f2.8 MP-E lens will go beyond 1:1 reproduction, this lens is capable of 1:1 to 5:1 reproduction, that’s up to 5x life size. We fitted this lens to front standard of the Cambo Actus using the Cambo EOS manual lens adapter. This shows the flexibility of the Cambo Actus system.

Canon EOS-M3You can also use the Cambo EOS Auto lens adapter but on this occasion we used the manual version. On the rear standard we fitted the  Cambo EOS-M camera mount for the Canon EOS-M3 camera body. This has a 24.2 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor and being mirrorless  can pull the focus through the macro ratio lens range. We could have used the Sony A7 or a Fuji XT series camera but this was an ideal opportunity to test the Canon combination.

Cambo Actus Canon M3


The EOS-M3 has a mode to fire without an electronic lens attached. This is a requirement when using a technical camera such as the Cambo Actus. The EOS-M3 body is extremely lightweight and even the built-in screen shows good detail. In fact I only used the camera screen to focus, in an ideal situation I would have used an external monitor.

Cambo Actus Canon M3


If we were shooting on a copy stand or in a studio environment we could have attached the focus whip to focus without touching the camera. There is also a Smartphone remote fire function for the EOS-M3. This would also help when shooting ‘micro’ images and would eliminate camera shake. The result shows that the Actus and Canon combination setup is a good working solution.

Cambo Actus Macro


Finally, we removed the tripod adapter from the lens as this was not required. Although the Actus is a lightweight camera it is solid and the Cambo EOS lens adapter firmly locks in place.

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