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Cambo Digital Repro #5 – WRS Macro Adapter

Cambo Digital Repro – WRS Macro Adapter When shooting macro photography you may be familiar with DSLR camera systems and using a combination of three extension tubes. This method extends the distance between the camera lens and sensor plane increasing … Continue reading

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Cambo Actus REPRO

Cambo ACTUS REPRO When capturing objects and fine art it is important to use a heavy duty copystand to prevent vibration. The Cambo RPS system is designed to support camera systems and components up to 10Kg. Its modular to suit … Continue reading

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The Cambo Actus: A Gem!

Michael Erlewine writes On his reactions to the Cambo Mini View Camera. The Cambo Actus: A Gem! I have a whole shelf or two of focus rails and another one with bellows and/or technical cameras. Some of them are tiny … Continue reading

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Canon EOS-M3 Micro shoot with the Cambo Actus

Everyday we are asked about which lenses are compatible with the Cambo Actus, so during a dealer show in the UK there was an opportunity to try out a few lenses from our friends at Canon. Our first test is … Continue reading

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