Cambo Actar 60mm – New lens launched at Photokina

Cambo Actar 60mm – New lens launched at Photokina

Cambo are expanding the Actus range and have now introduced the new Actar 60mm f4 lens. The lens is supplied fitted in a Cambo Actus plate and can be used with all Actus cameras and Mirrorless camera systems.

actor 60mm lens

Actor 60mm Lens

This lens has an image circle of 75mm, with rear camera shift of 15mm left and right, the total shift without distortion is 30mm. This is an ideal lens should you wish to capture a wide area and retain a good quality stitched image.

Available now, the price of the Actar 60mm lens complete with the Actus Lens Plate is €655.00 excl. TAX/VAT.

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