Fuji XPro2 – Image stitching with the Cambo Actus

Fuji XPro2 – Image stitching with the Cambo Actus

During one of the Calumet Open days we had the opportunity of shooting with the Fuji XPro2. This camera has been a huge hit with photographers working in most fields of photography.

The equipment used for this test shot was; Cambo Actus Mini View Camera platform, Cambo Actar 24mm lens, Standard Bellows, Fuji XPro2, and CBH-6 Ball head fitted to a Gitzo tripod.

Charles Woods

Camera mounts can easily be exchanged on the Actus, simply remove four screws, fit the Fuji-X mount and replace the screws.


Fuji X mount

Actus Fuji Actar 24

As it was an open day we had little time to do this and shot 3 images, to produce a wide shot which we later stitched using Adobe Photoshop CC 2105. This is a single image captured showing the angle of the lens prior to any further work or stitching.

Actus Fuji Image

Each jpeg file captured is 4.1MB 6000×4000 pixels 68.7Mb. When working with Photoshop the stitched file is 179Mb with the dimensions 15397 x 4064 pixels (543.17cm x 143.37cm) at 72dpi.

Actus Fuji XPro2 Stitch

Acts & Fuji XPro2 Stitched Image

As you can see from the screen grab, the lens is pretty sharp and shows good detail and tone range. Of course using this size sensor we could have captured more images to stitch if required.

Actus Fuji detail

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