Using the Cambo Actus and Zeiss Otus Lens

Using the Cambo Actus and Zeiss Otus Lens

Michael Jones is a professional photographer based in Oregon USA. He is experienced at working in every camera format, whether digital or film, Michael is skilled, capable and inventive, without needing to rely on heavy retouching or a single stylized look. This versatility allows him to fully collaborate with you and to easily resolve glitches that may surface during the shoot. While known for his elegant lighting constructs, Michael can be easily as effective behind the camera shooting with natural light.

Michael Jones

“I own the ACTUS and am using it with the Sony A7R2 and the Canon AC-CA lens adapter and am very curious about using wider angle lenses.”

Michael Jones

“Here is an example from an assignment this summer for a Daimler owned company where I used the combination of the ACTUS, Sony A7R2 and the Zeiss Otus 28mm. It allowed me to shoot at f6.3 at 100 ISO in darkened conditions with strobe and keep the truck and car sharp with a minor shift, tilt and rise on the ACTUS.”

Michael Jones

Many thanks to Michael for his feedback and images. You can find more of his work here;

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