Cambo SLW-84 Sinar Adapter Plate

Cambo SLW-84 Sinar Adapter Plate

Cambo’s camera systems are known to be modular in design which enables photographers to swap out different mounts and use a digital back of their choice.

The SLW series of adapter plates can be used across the range of Cambo cameras; Actus-DB, Actus-XL, Wide-RS, Ultima and of course the CSL Sliding back series. So you could be using the Ultima system in your studio one day and the next be on-location with one of the lighter Actus cameras or Wide-RS.

The SLW-84 adapter is now available for the newly introduced Sinar S30/45 digital back.

Cambo SLW-84

Cambo SLW-84 Sinar Adapter

The SLW-84 adapter is mounted with 3 screws to the Sinar back which is supplied with an open interface for various adapters. Due to the layout of the new Sinar back, by default it is mounted in landscape orientation, although the SLW-84 can be mounted to the Cambo camera system in any orientation.


Cambo Wide RS-1600 and Sinar S30/45

For photographers that need to change orientation but not wishing to remove the back, the Wide RS-1600 rotates between landscape and portrait (horizontal/vertical.)

The SLW-84 is now available from your local dealer.

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