Cambo Video Track

Cambo Video Track

Cambo is well known for manufacturing high quality photographic studio equipment. They also make a wide range of video supports and accessories, such as the UNI video track system.

Cambo UniTrack

The Cambo UNI TrackSystem is manufactured from high quality aluminium and has many benefits when compared to other options. There are systems with specially made curves, which if damaged would have to be sourced and replaced. The UNI Track can be curved at different angles, to a radius of 5ft (1.5m.) Options that are only tubing thrown on the ground and with no support will get damaged with stones/sharp objects. Levelling only a tube is almost impossible and very time consuming.

Have you ever levelled out a budget video track? Let me tell you it’s a pain! You will need blocks of wood and some form of cushioning to protect the track from the hard ground. This isn’t the case with the Cambo UNI Track.

Once you have placed the track out, you will then add the stability bars to keep the tracks apart so the Tripod/Dolly will not jam. Each 30cm section has a foot with a level depth of 50mm and can be checked easily with a level on the track and support bar.

Can you sit and ride on a budget track? If you have placed blocks under a budget track will they stay in place? Would you be prepared to roll your £10k+ of kit on the track? The Cambo UNI Track can be locked in place. An Allen locking nut at each point so that the angle can be maintained. You can confidently push your kit and the operator can ride on the VPS4 dolly.

Cambo’s VPS4 sit and ride system has several camera support options. The VPS can be adjusted in height and the cameraman’s seat is also height adjustable. There is a tripod leg adapter kit option and the VPS4 can also support a medium size video boom with pan/tilt. We’ll cover this in our next blog.

Is it complicated and how long will it take to set up?

The video shows the track being laid out, bars being fixed, feet levelled and the rubber track is then simply laid on top between the locators. It takes around 10mins max. Packing away is simple as the track is concertina style. This fits in the case with the support bars and the rubber track is laid on top.

5M Track Specifications: Width: 62cm, Weight: 6.4Kg/m Packed Dimensions: 57x84x12cm

The case is available as an option, 5m track with case £4,620.00 excluding case £3,895.00

10 and 15M options are available for purchase or you could buy the 5m and extend at a later date. Contact your dealer, or find your nearest supplier via the Cambo website; email;

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