Cambo introduce the new Rodenstock HR-Digaron 5.6/105 Macro

Cambo introduce the new Rodenstock HR-Digaron 5.6/105 Macro

The new Rodenstock HR-Digaron 5.6/105 Macro lens is optimised to achieve the highest possible quality for cultural heritage reproduction, archival and commercial photography.

Actus GFX with Rodenstock 105mm

Actus GFX with Rodenstock 105mm Macro

As you can see we have fitted this to the new Cambo Actus-GFX which of course is designed to be used with the Fuji GFX50s digital body.

Why use this combination?

Since the launch of the Actus many photographers have started using this fabulous  mini technical camera and combined lenses from various manufacturers to achieve specific results.

Then Cambo introduced the next platform in the shape of the Actus-GFX. Of course it is designed to work with the new Fuji GFX50s – the options for photographers increased as lenses with large image circles would cover the new Fuji sensor.

Rodenstock 105mm Macro

Rodenstock 105mm Macro

Rodenstock has been a favourite choice for photographers for a very long time and as there are limited options for a good quality macro lens it was natural they would produce a quality lens to suite the higher resolution sensors available today.

What is the lens specifications?

The large image circle is 82mm easily covering a large 56x36mm sensor (the GFX is 33x44mm)

Floating element optic enables high quality magnification range of – 0.25 to 4x.

Working distance between 100 to 420mm, making it ideal to place lights within this space.

Low distortion <0.4% results in almost no visible distortion, chromatic aberration is minimal and the overall contrast performance is higher.

Focal Length; 105mm

Aperture; f5.6

Image Circle; 82mm

Filter thread; 40.5mm

Weight; 530g (lens only)

Lens only dimensions; 61.6 x 96.4mm (wxl) the Actus plate will be supplied in addition.

More information can be obtained from your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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