Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit is an attachment used for a copy stand that accepts an Arca Swiss rail or QR (Quick Release) mount. It enables you to level the camera when using the Cambo RPS column in 3 directions.

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

The RPS-180 comes complete with a 1/4” camera plate so you can mount a DSLR or Medium format camera system. This is known as a QR1/4 plate. When removed you can attach an Arca Swiss compatible rail direct to the RPS-180 mount.

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit

Cambo RPS-180 Levelling Unit c/w QR1/4

Cambo cameras are Arca Swiss compatible. The ACTUS-REPRO and WRC-400 REPRO is  normally used as the camera movement is locked especially for reprographics work. You can also use an Actus, Actus DB, Actus GFX and Actus XCD as they directly mount to the RPS-180.

If you already own one of the newer WIDE RS range of cameras; 1000, 1050, 1200, 1250, 5000, 5005 and AE the WRS-145 mounting block can be fitted and used with the RPS-180.

Cambo WRC-A70

Cambo WRS-145

RPS-180 is available now priced €330.00 and WRS-145 is €139.00 Ex.TAX and shipment.

More information can be obtained from your local Cambo dealer or you can email your questions directly to Cambo.

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