Cambo Shooting Tables

Cambo Shooting Tables are very popular in commercial studios. Many copies appear on the market that are inferior in build quality and the some of the perspex screens used will not hold the weight of some products.

Cambo Shooting Table

I caught up with Manchester based Neilson Reeves Photography owner Colin Boulter. A popular, well established and self confessed “Photographer-holic.”

“We select the best equipment for the job, and being early converters to digital photography we have a wealth of experience when producing high quality print ready images.”

“Our corporate clients demand high turnaround images, style changes, background changes and we can achieve most of this by using a good quality shooting table.”

“The Cambo Shooting Table enables you to capture ready for cut-out or shadowless images where require. We can then drop in any background, make easier positional changes and all of this helps us turn around the images quickly for our clients” says Colin.

Neilson Reeves Photography is a photographic and digital imaging company specialising in Commercial and Media Photography.

•Advertising photography for print and online media

•Product Photography and Pack Shots for Internet Retail and Catalogues

•Corporate Headshots , business and executive portraits and people at work image

•Actors Headshots both commercial and theatrical

•Conference and Corporate Event Photography, Launch events and Awards Ceremonies

•Public Relations and Editorial Photography

You can find the Cambo Shooting Tables here.

For further information and pricing contact your local Cambo dealer, or email  Cambo with your enquiry.

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