Capturing ‘Duality’ with the Cambo Actus

Capturing ‘Duality’ with the Cambo Actus

Based in Manchester, Tristan Poyser has worked as a photographer for 15 years. His practice is divided between commercial commissions and contemporary projects 

His projects include ‘Recording the Landscape’ in which he uses council planning applications for ‘Fracking’, as loci to photograph, record video and audio of the British landscape. The project ‘Automation’ explores the conflict between the ‘need for nature theory’ and mass tourism in a Chinese UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tristan’s work has been exhibited at photography festivals including, Format International Photography Festival, Brighton Photo fringe, Hull International Photography Gallery (HIP) & Look Liverpool. He guest lectures at several Universities on professional practice and facilitates photography and participatory workshops.

“I shoot with the Cambo Actus as it allows flexibility through the movements, It also allows me to choose different lens’ to shoot with. With the Duality Project it was as simple as allowing me to adjust the vertical moment in relation to the subjects height without having to adjust the camera or tripod, it was essential for the typology element to keep as everything as constant as possible. I also use the Actus on projects  to create large format digital files through stitching anything from 3 to 9 images together, especially with Architectural work and landscapes projects.”


The equipment we used to capture the project was the Cambo Actus Mini view camera, Sony A7 and Schneider 72XL lens. The Actus is particularly useful as there is a horizontal to vertical flip on the rear standard making image alignment much easier than using a ball or 3-way tripod head.

Photography Exhibition – ‘Duality’

The Sharp Project will be hosting the Manchester launch of ‘Duality’, a documentary photography exhibition by Tristan Poyser and colleague Simon Bray. Previously exhibited as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial and shared with an international audience on BBC In Pictures.



‘Duality’ explores the way in which our uniform, workwear and casual clothes influence the perception of the individual. To find out more, please click here.

The exhibition takes place 31st May in the Campus, The Sharp Project, Manchester M40 5BJ click here for further information.

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