Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L

Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L

The Cambo WIDE camera system is a ‘pancake’ style camera i.e. it’s lightweight and extremely compact. So not surprisingly many photographers find the WIDE system is ideal for architectural and landscape photography. A variety of focal length lenses is available from 23mm to 90mm suitable for many photographic applications including reprographics and cultural heritage.

There is a demand for using longer lenses with the WIDE. As Schneider is no longer in this market and Rodenstock do not supply a large enough ‘helical mount’ for lenses longer than 120mm, Cambo have decided to manufacture their own, the WDS-180L Lenspanel.

The WDS-180L Lenspanel is designed to be used with Digital Backs and Rodenstock 5,6/180 HR-S Digaron lens. This lens has a Copal ‘0’ shutter mounted in a helical focussing mount, 25mm travel and fits to all Cambo WIDE cameras with an SLW adapter.

Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L

Cambo Lenspanel WDS-180L

The version pictured above has a split back focal length, with a shorter lensplate and a rear extension unit. This allows for more shift before vignetting from the lens barrel. The distance scale is marked for the Digaron 180 and the WIDE body has a 48mm spacer on the back.

For use in reprographics and cultural heritage photography, lenses with this focussing mount can be supplied with a linear scale. There is a locking nut to fix the helical in any chosen position when required. This is ideal when working on a copy stand and prevents accidental changes.

Product Code: WDS-180L

Description: Rodenstock 180HR Digaron-S Long Helical / Short Barrel and Spacer

Price: €5,854.00 excl.VAT/TAX and shipment

Available now from your local Cambo dealer.

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