Cambo ACDB-987 Rear Tilt Unit

Cambo ACDB-987 Rear Tilt Unit

Cambo have introduced the ACDB-987, a really cool product addition, for the Actus-G, GFX and XCD camera versions.

Cambo ACDB987 Tilt Unit

Cambo ACDB-987 Tilt Unit

The ACDB-987 enables additional tilt function to the rear standard of +6/-6 degrees close to the optical sensor when using a digital back.

What is the advantage of using the ACDB-987?

Adding extra tilt gives you more control over your images, plus the ability to swap between digital backs and mirrorless medium format systems within seconds.

How do I fit the ACDB-987 to the Actus?

The ACDB-987 is an interchangeable insert that fits to Actus-G, GFX and XCD camera versions. Simply replace the bayonet holders AC-792, AC-793 and AC-78E with the ACDB-987 then add the SLW-adapter plate that has the fitting for your digital camera back.

Swapping between DSLR, Mirrorless and Digital Backs has never been easier!

Check it out at Photokina – CAMBO in Hall 2.1, Stand nr A-017

Photokina 2018

For further advice contact your local Cambo dealer or Cambo Fotografische  technical sales. You can also check out the Cambo website.

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